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Pure Iron Powder IRON195SP

IRON195SP is a very high purity spherical iron powder used for iron fortification of food and feed products as well as other food related applications that require free flowing iron spheres smaller than 45 microns (mesh 200).

Specific properties of IRON195SP include:

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Chemical Analysis (Typical)

Iron content 99+ %
Carbon 0.00 %
Oxygen 0.05 %
Sulfur 0.006 %
Phosphorus 0.001 %

Screen Analysis (Typical)

U.S. Standard Sieves Opening Microns Weight %
       +200 mesh 75 Trace
-200 +325 mesh 45 3%
-325         mesh   97%

Typical Applications:

Food fortification, Seed cleaning, plastic and resin additive.

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